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Jolicure Cats

In the spring of 1969, Lorne and JoAnne Bell, moved from Montreal to the small farming community of Jolicure, New Brunswick with their seventeen-year-old daughter, Lorrie.

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Rabbit Dreams

"This is the story about a tiger cat and an old black rabbit." So this short poignant tale begins about the transcending of life from the here and now to the next unknown level.

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Nutty Green Beans

While sorting through some mementos, several years after her mother, Jo Anne, passed away, Lorrie opened two rusty tin boxes filled with butter splattered and dog eared recipe cards. Nanny Bell's Ginger Snaps, Fancy Porcupine Meatballs, Beloeil Pudditng.

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Moving Poems

This collection of twenty-four poems chronicles eighteen months in the lives of Lorrie, David, Scout and Smudge during the sorting, eliminating and packing up of “a lifetime of accumulated possessions”, and the dislocation while their new home is being built.

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